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TT legends is a one man band a start-up business, fuelled by a life-long love of bikes and the TT.

As a kid, I visited my Manx grandparents in the school holidays. I was entranced by the TT road markings and corner signs. I finally made it to the TT races as a spectator aged 20 and was gobsmacked by the warp speed of Bray Hill and Sulby, the sheer bottle of riders at Rhencullen and Barregarrow and the amazing views and sounds from the Gooseneck. Riding the circuit, the corners blew my mind too...so much, I smashed up my FZ600 and ended up in Nobles hospital.

Anyway, nothing could stop me coming back. The TT is unique, wonderful and in my blood.

TT Legends is what I really want to do in life, but for now, I have a proper grown-up day job. This means I can't reveal my identityjust in case my bosses don't approve.



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